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CPR Courses

The Dave Winner Foundation is excited to announce that we are in the final stages of securing insurances and registration as a Training provider. As we work to finalize these processes, we are currently accepting expressions of interest from those eager to participate in our programs. We are thrilled to launch our Free CPR Training programs for Australians in June/July 2023, offering life-saving education to those in need. Keep an eye out for a full schedule of locations, which will be available soon, and join us in making a difference in the lives of countless individuals across the nation.

Experience life-saving education at no cost through our free courses, accessible to all Australians seeking essential training.

We appreciate your patience and enthusiasm as we work diligently to establish the foundation for our free CPR courses. Our mission is to provide access to marginalized communities, families in need, and anyone with a desire to learn this vital skill. Be sure to check back soon for a list of locations where our courses will be offered. Thank you for joining us on this journey to empower and uplift communities through accessible, life-saving education.

Live events are listed below: Click GET TICKETS to go to Humantix to register for your training.

Get in touch and let us know your location and how we can help.